How to Change Huawei E220 Network Preferences on Mac: 3G or 2G

[ad#inline-single] I have Huawei E220 modem runs on my mac. By default this modem use automatic network detection for 3G or 2G, if there’s enough 3G (HSDPA/UMTS) signal the modem will works on 3G, otherwise if 3G network signal is poor it will detect 2G (GPRS).

Why it is so important? In my place, 3G network signal are weaker than 2G, so if the modem detect automatically, I can not use 3G instead.

Changing this network preferences on Windows is a simple things to do, Huawei have a nice software interface to change this modem network service preferences, but not (yet) for Macintosh user, Huawei give a poor support on Mac, altough they still developing on it.

For Vodafone users, Vodafone Mobile Connect (VMC) is the best solution for this, but unfortunately VMC was stricted, non-Vodafone SIM users can not use this software.

Months ago, when I was started to switch to a Macbook, I figured that there was a previous version of Vodafone Mobile Connect that works for non-vodafone users. I accidentaly download VMC that works for my current non-vodafone operator’s SIM. As you can see the image below:

Here is version of VMC that works for non-vodafone GSM:

You can download it Vodafone Mobile Connect 2.08.01 here.