Kantor Pos Masa Kini

Sudah lumayan lama saya tidak singgah ke sebuah tempat ketika saya SMA cukup sering dikunjungi, Kantor Pos. Kini banyak layanan Kantor Pos sudah usang dimakan oleh lajunya teknologi informasi. Dulu, mengirim kabar lewat surat membutuhkan beberapa hari supaya sampai ke tangan penerima. Kini, dengan bantuan teknologi informasi mengirim surat atau kabar singkat cukup dalam waktu beberapa detik/menit saja. Continue reading “Kantor Pos Masa Kini”

My Server is Down !

Due to high traffic to my websites, the server is down for several hours.


Even I migrated the server into a VPS and got 2 Gigs of Memory the site is still down. But I figured it out lately, the problem is not came from a single issue in this case; high traffic, but couple of bugs in the scripts also takes part. Its all up now… I will re-manage all site and hire a new server :).

Fotofolio WordPress Theme – For your online portfolio

Fotofolio 1.0.2 Released

The Support and Release page moved to : WORDSPOP.COM

And finally, what i’ve said before about a wordpress theme for photographer either any visual works portfolio (graphic designer, drawer, architect, etc) is now released.

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Erastica Web Site Design…

Akhir-akhir ini saya mendesain banyak sekali template… gak tau, sepertinya ide dan semangat mendesain datang terus akhir-akhir ini…

Setelah desain theme untuk wordpress, dalam 2 hari saya mendesain kembali sebuah situs. Ya, situs induk dari blog ini: erastica.com.


Situs yang hanya 1 halaman, diolah menggunakan jquery-UI, waktu pembuatan 2 Hari. Silakan kunjungi: http://erastica.com.

Fotofolio WordPress Theme in Progress

Say hi to all Photographer all around the world or even a photo blog maniac, who love his own picture being published in a nice way. Currently i’m working on my next free wordpress theme for publishing picture called FotoFolio while I still maintaining and developing MagZine wordpress theme for next release.


FotoFolio suitable for Picture Portfolio for photographer, or individual who love to publish pictures.


  • Automatically resize image for Thumbnail and preview
  • Jquery Integrated for Featured Photos and Previews
  • Theme Options for easy configure

Currently the progress is about 50%, I also integrate it with jquery, I promise you that fotofolio theme is easy to use and configure :).

MagZine – Magazine Style Free WordPress Theme

You can enjoy these games on app stores Solitaire

Caution: This theme is unsupported. You can download the NEW THEME called Planalto Instead.

MagZine is a magazine styled wordpress theme that so easy to use and configure. See the live action in:


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